• General PTA meeting holds next week Wednesday 29th January, 2014 @ 3pm prompt.
  • Save one year of your life span by skipping 100 level in the universisty. It is yoke to be idle for one year, even when you have excellent results!
  • A level is a value-addede. You will be certificated. You can use your certificate whenever. It is global certificate!
  • The Sun-Crystal is cost effective: pay less, play less, and gain more!
  • No distruption of academic exercise. Strike is a taboo! The finishing line is as the starting point!
  • The Sun-crystal has a pedigree; our 25 years in the business is not only a success testimony but a testament.
  • In order be part of us at The Sun-Crystal, Click Here to apply online. It is fast and easier!
  • Our Focus

    To develop pupils/students in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains with a view of making them self reliant and be able to contribute their quota towards the development of their immediate society and the world

  • Our History

    The primary segment of the school started in a humble unassuming way in Oct 1996 with students’ population of seven (7). The secondary school section started in September 2011. This was borne out of pressure and

  • Management Team

    Fountain of Knowledge schools; the primary and high school, have board of governors and management board. The board of governors are people with impeccable characters, drawn from the society and the school, with the d


    The school operates NERC curriculum both at the primary and secondary school levels. This is a broad based curriculum, which gives recognition to various talents and uniqueness of each child. Special attention is give

  • Safety & Security

    The school places a high premium on security of lives and property. Our security network is therefore unbeatable as we employ the services of personnel from reputable security organisations. Therefore, the security of

  • FEES

    Our school fees are moderate and affordable, knowing fully well that schools are social institutions. We do not want to deny any pupil/student access to the quality service we render due to exorbitant fees. The school

About Us

Fountain of knowledge high school is the brainchild (product) of Fountain of Knowledge Nursery and primary school. Having been able to satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of parents in the immediate environment and beyond, for a quality primary school education, there arose an irresistible pressure for a model high school, of high moral and academic standard. The school heeded this clarion call by establishing Fountain of Knowledge High school in September 2011. The school however has been

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